Village FM 87.6 is privately owned and operates under a low powered open Narrowcast license number 483068 issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The prime purposes in establishing this service are:

1. To provide a variety of musical entertainment of a genre palatable to the residents of the Bellflower and Chancellor Park retirement complexes and has the approval of the management of the Bellflower Village to conduct the service from the owners home.

2. To provide opportunities for approved and reputable health and in-house carers, medical practitioners and life-style advisers to speak to the residents on air on any relevant issues, including personal safety, which may affect or improve their standards of living, and healthy comfortable enjoyment of their senior years.

3. Whenever necessary or appropriate, to relay messages to residents in regard to social, sporting or leisure activities being organised or conducted by the village management or the village residents associations and other internal activity groups.

4. Whenever necessary or appropriate to relay any announcements, approved by the village management in regard to any impending situations, natural or other serious disasters which may have any bearing on or represent any threat to the safety and comfort of residents.

5. To relay any other announcements of interest to the residents as requested and approved by the village management or other duly authorised authorities such as law enforcement and residents’ safety management issues.

In order to offset operational costs, (licenses, permits, music royalties and other normal service expenses), the operator of the relevant license is permitted under the regulations to accept remuneration for any advertorial content which may be offered by businesses and organisations in the service area who wish to support the needs of the ageing citizens particularly those occupying their private residentials. such revenue rates will be based upon actual operational costs only with no distribution to other organisations.

The station will ensure that it is not motivated or structured to operate in conflict with any other commercial, community, religious or national radio organisations as the operating frequency and limited range of signal strength (1 watt) is strictly controlled by law so as not to cause interference to other broadcasters or inconvenience to the general public.